SDL and SunOS

Carlos E Murillo-Sanchez ce.murillosanchez at
Mon Jul 23 18:02:18 CDT 2018

Christian Corti via cctalk wrote:
> On Sat, 21 Jul 2018, carlos_murillo at wrote:
>> Under SunOS 4.1.4, the last gcc version that is supported is 3.3.6, 
>> but I haven't been able to build it on an IPX;  it gets to the point 
>> where it
> Not quite true:
> # uname -a
> SunOS azu 4.1.1 10 sun4 unknown unknown SunOS
> # gcc -v
> Reading specs from /ibm/usr/lib/gcc/sparc-sun-sunos4.1.1/3.4.6/specs
> Configured with: ../gcc-3.4.6/configure --prefix=/ibm/usr 
> --program-suffix=-3.4 --with-gnu-ld --with-ld=/ibm/usr/bin/ld 
> --with-gnu-as --with-as=/ibm/usr/bin/as --with-cpu=v7 --disable-nls 
> --with-libiconv-prefix=/ibm/usr --enable-obsolete
> Thread model: single
> gcc version 3.4.6
> This is on a SUN 4/260 with 32MB RAM.
>> starts running gengtype and eats all memory available (I have 64MB 
>> RAM and have added as much as 1024 swap and it still crashes).  So, 
>> for the time
> Yes, there are such issues. The solution is to cross compile it with 
> distcc.
> Christian
I stand corrected, 3.4.6 is indeed that last gcc to support SunOS 4.1.x 
.  I was typing from memory and I tried so many gcc versions
that I lost track.  All attempts at building gcc versions > 3.2.3 <= 
3.4.6 failed because of the memory issues in the gengtype execution.  
And, the last version not to use the gengtype kludge was 3.2.3; for that 
version the build process advances further,  but it fails when building 
libstdc++ with xgcc  (the file is

Thanks for the suggestion; I'll need to learn how to build the 
cross-compiler.  Do you have any quick advice on how to go about it?


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