how good is the data reliability with CD ROM and DVD RAM?

Fred Cisin cisin at
Mon Jul 23 16:07:42 CDT 2018

>> Does anybody here have experience with "M-Disc"?
>> It is available up to 100GB BDXL!
>> Drives start at less than $100; media is prices vary - the 100GB starts
>> at about $20 each, but the low capacity versions are bordering on
>> competitive.

On Mon, 23 Jul 2018, Ali wrote:
> I have used M-Disc to archive photos and digital media. So far so good.
> Problem is you need an M-Disc drive to read it for sure - what does that
> mean? Well the disc is supposed to be compatible across all DVD readers BUT
> I have found my older Lite-On IDE drives, which were considered very good
> back in the day, have had problems reading the DVDs. So your mileage may
> vary...

Thank you.

OK, that is alarming.  The claim that the discs produced are fully 
compatible is bogus.  That was an essential requirement.  Next aspect 
would be whether they are completely incompatible with EVERYTHING other 
than M-Disc, or just SOME types of drives, and if so, WHICH ones.

>From what I've read, the difference in drive between BDXL and BDXL M-Disc 
is trivial enough that there is no reason that ALL BDXL wouldn't go that 
way, unless there are patent issues.

> Also of note the original company has gone bankrupt and their assets bought
> out. The new owners are continuing to produce M-Disc media.

The drives are being made by LG, Pioneer, etc., so that part is OK.
The media is being manufactured by Verbatim, Memorex, ?
Does the demise of the original company, and hence the licenses, place the 
ability of Verbatim, Memorex, etc. to make the media at risk?
(or only the legal rights to use the logo?)
Is the new owner more stable, and/or did Verbatim, Memorex, et al, at 
least negotiate contract provisions for continuation of license after 
demise of licensors?

Is anybody else doing any significant work towards long-life media?
We need ongoing supply, continuation of compatable hardware, and adequate 
(non-"trade-secret") documentation - without Belafon, we've lost the 
knowledge, and have to speculate, exactly what his hardware does.

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