Strange third party board in PDP-11/45

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Mon Jul 23 16:46:51 CDT 2018

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>     > From: Paul Birkel
>     > ABLE Computer Technology. Their first product was PN 10001 ... the
>     > A.C.T. Univerter
> This board is not shown in any of the Able brochures we have:
> However, Able info is _very_ thin on the ground, now...
> 	Noel

There was a Univerter and Qniverter (sp) which were used to
translate from unibus to qbus.Very useful boards and used one
to translate from vax730, vms 4.3 to a qbus expansion box, so
I could use an RQDX3 and RD53 as vms boot. Just set up the
dipswitches and it works automagically at power on.

May have docs somewhere, but not sure where...


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