how good is the data reliability with CD ROM and DVD RAM?

Ali cctalk at
Mon Jul 23 13:55:57 CDT 2018

> Does anybody here have experience with "M-Disc"?
> It is available up to 100GB BDXL!
> Drives start at less than $100; media is prices vary - the 100GB starts
> at
> about $20 each, but the low capacity versions are bordering on
> competitive.


I have used M-Disc to archive photos and digital media. So far so good.
Problem is you need an M-Disc drive to read it for sure - what does that
mean? Well the disc is supposed to be compatible across all DVD readers BUT
I have found my older Lite-On IDE drives, which were considered very good
back in the day, have had problems reading the DVDs. So your mileage may

Also of note the original company has gone bankrupt and their assets bought
out. The new owners are continuing to produce M-Disc media.


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