how good is the data reliability with CD ROM and DVD RAM?

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Sun Jul 22 20:08:40 CDT 2018

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> I’ve failed to see any reason behind your questions.  If you’re looking for a long-term archival solution, look to cloud storage (either on-prem, or off-prem).  Sure tape is cheap, but when you start looking at other costs, such as storage and handling, it becomes expensive.

Cloud storage as in "handled by some cloud company" is only as good as the longevity of that company.  If it shuts down suddenly because of poor management or fraud, your data is almost certainly gone.  Or it might end up disclosed to whoever pays pennies on the dollar for the company assets.

On premises, sure, but now it's just a question of what medium you like.  Those storage devices probably use disks, or maybe flash storage.  How long do those last?  For example, take a look at the "power off" retention time spec for flash storage, it's surprisingly short.  And how long is the relevant software available?  (That's a concern for any kind of digital storage, of course.)


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