how good is the data reliability with CD ROM and DVD RAM?

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Somewhat of a tangent, but this just popped up for me.

and I thought of this thread. Apologies if it's a duplicate..


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> Below is a sampling of disks recorded between 2001 and 2009. It is
> likely that the disks of the same type were from the same package
> because I don't use many disks. They were stored without much care,
> but in a spaces tolerable to humans for reasonable periods.
> Imation     CD-R    recorded 2003/12/29  readable
> Imation     CD-R    recorded 2004/01/02  recoverable errors
> Imation     CR-R    recorded 2001/12/18  recoverable errors
> Imation     CD-R    recorded 2005/07/15  recoverable errors
> Imation     CD-R    recorded 2001/12/24  recoverable errors
> TDK          DVD-R recorded 2006/02/05  recoverable errors
> TDK          DVD-R recorded 2009/09       unrecoverable errors. The
> edges of the disk have a strange faded coloration.
> TDK          DVD-R recorded 2007/10/07  readable
> Memorex  CD-R    recorded 2005            unrecoverable errors
> -chuck

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