zilog system 8000

Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Sat Jul 21 01:16:38 CDT 2018

> I seem to remember the original QIC11 standard was (or at least included) a
> 4 track version. And the later 9 track format kept those 4 tracks in the
> same
> place and put 5 more, one on each side and 3 between them if you see what
> I mean.
> So unless you need to read 2 tracks simultaneously (e.g. becuase it uses
> the
> encoded where a pulse on one track is a '0', a pulse on the other is a '1'
> and
> pulses on both together are a marker) you can probably get the data off
> the tape
> with a raw 4 track or 9 track drive and a custom controller.

That didn't work when AJ read my S8000 tapes at least. Some of the tracks
had to be read a few stepper motor steps off the nominal track to give a
good read.

And I did the decoding in software. No custom conroller hardware.


> -tony

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