zilog system 8000

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Fri Jul 20 21:26:54 CDT 2018

On 7/20/18 2:43 PM, Mattis Lind wrote:

> And as Al wrote:  No it is not at all QIC. The drive has four fixed tracks and the encoding is MFM. 

These 4-track fixed-head drives were common drives prior to the invention of movable head devices. TI used them in 990
systems as well as early 80 companies like Onyx and in particular DSD, which used the Kennedy 6455 of which I have
several out of the DSDs with good capstans that I had hoped to try recovering the TI and other carts on.

I have two Zeus carts:

f77 src & lib src tape zeus 3.21
games executable & virg game src zeus 5.1

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