Courier Modems (Was: Landfill?

Fred Cisin cisin at
Fri Jul 20 19:57:31 CDT 2018

There's now six requests for 4 or 5 modems.

And I don't yet know which specific sub-models they are

I may be able to get a look at them on Tuesday or Thursday.

It is likely that they all work, but I will not guarantee them, nor even 
get around to testing them.
I have some wall warts, but not sure how many.

Is anybody familiar with the firmware upgrade aspects of the different 

It would appear that there ARE people who want Vintage Generic PC Crap.
Except for the scanners.
. . . and probably deskjet and dot matrix printers.
But, I will respect Evan's wishes, and be selective about what I haul to 
VCF; I don't want to bring anything back.

Grumpy Ol' Fred     		cisin at

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