VCFMW drop offs, pick ups, visits

Paul Anderson useddec at
Fri Jul 20 02:09:02 CDT 2018

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone going to VCFMW. I'm going to try to
go up Friday and leave late Saturday. It's always great when people swing
by the house, but try to give me some warning, especially with me going up

I hope to have a path dug into my last 25 foot storage unit and retrieve a
ton of micro-Vax II parts along with a ton of other items.

I still have a few 3000 alphas, about 10 3100s,  a few 4000s, 5000s, 6 or
so BA11-N (11/03L/23) boxes, BA23s, LA120s, and 1000's of other parts. Also
some REMEX interfaces and a bunch of paper tape readers and maybe punches
I'm getting tired of looking at.

Please contact me off list if you have any requests or questions.

Feel free to send me wish lists.

Thanks, Paul

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