zilog system 8000

Evan Koblentz cctalk at snarc.net
Thu Jul 19 14:36:27 CDT 2018

>> A very big and expensive door stopper without OS tapes.
>> But most importantly: the CPU board is missing!
>> The card in slot 2 appears to be an additional SIO card.
>> This is a model 20, quite low-end. We have a model 32 (much rarer, I
>> haven't found anyone else with a model 32), but it is non-functional
>> because I have no tapes. The SMD disk has too many errors to recover a
>> functional system.
> There's a Model 31 at LCM+L (used to be mine).  If anyone ever does recover
> media for these things, it'd be nice to get it running...
> - Josh

VCF has one but I'm not sure which model it is. I can check next week. 
We also have some tapes, again, I don't know which ones.

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