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> Yup.  I've still got one of the FlashPath units after having taken one
> apart and destroyed it in the process.
> There;s a small electromagnet (coil) located where it can be coupled to
> the drive head.  The rest is pretty straightforward--an Atmel MCU, some
> RAM and random logic, along with the driver/sense to the electromagnet.
> There's no way for it to determine what cylinder the floppy drive is
> positioned to, nor any way for it to determine when the Index position
> is being passed, which is why it requires a driver on the host to operate.

Aha! Interesting. So it's not actually able to be read as if it were a
diskette? It's sort of hijacking the drive as an alternative I/O
medium, pulsing data at a stationary drive head, ignoring rotation and
track positioning?

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