New Items Listed in Sellam's VWoCW (Many DEC Handbooks)

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Tue Jul 17 22:59:02 CDT 2018

Hi Folks.

Here are the new items for July 17, 2018:

IBM PS/2 Model P70 386
Morrow Designs Micro Decision 1
ACCTON EtherCombo-32 Ethernet Card
Inmac SP-16 Serial-To-Parallel Converter
Apricorn EZ-GIG Hard Drive Update Kit
HP Series 80 Data Communications Pac
HP Series 80 BASIC Training Pac

The following are all DEC manuals and handbooks:

Autoconf manual
A Practical Guide to Word Processing and Office Management Systems
Communications Handbook
dBase III v1.0
DECmate II Handbook
DECSYSTEM-20 Technical Summary
Digital's Office Solutions: ALL-IN-1 Handbook
Distributed Systems Handbook
Emulex Controller Handbook: Communications and Periperhals
Introduction to BASIC
Introduction to Local Area Networks
IDEAS Education Software Referral Catalog
IDEAS: Index and Description of Educational Application Software: 4th
Guide to Small Business Computing
Guide to Personal Computing
Introduction to Computer-Based Education
Large Systems Software Referrral Catalog: 4th Edition
Letterprinter 100 Installation Guide
Letterprinter 100 Operator Guide
Letterprinter 100 Programmer Reference Manual
Logistics Management: Concepts and Techniques
Maintenance Aids Handbook
MBASIC VT180 BASIC-80 Reference Manual
MBASIC VT180 Getting Started with MBASIC VT180
Microcomputers and Memories
Microsoft Multiplan Manual
Network Management I Student Guide
Networking: The Competitive Edge
Office Information Systems Guidebook
Overview of DIGITAL Networking Products
PDP-11 Architecture Handbook
PDP-11 Microcomputer Interfaces Handbook
PDP-11/04/34/34A Maintenance Card
Peripherals Handbook
Professional Handbook
Rainbow Handbook
RSTS/E PDP-11 Operating System
RSX-11 Handbook
Spares Kit Handbook
Terminals & Printers Handbook
The DECmate Family Handbook
The Guide to Team Computing
ULTRIX Software Guidebook: A Reference to UNIX Software
ULTRIX-32 Reference: Volume 1
ULTRIX-32 Software Development: Volume 2
UNIX Software Guidebook
VAX Architecture Handbook
VAX Hardware Handbook
VAX Software Handbook
VAX Software Tools: Languages
VAXcluster Technical Summary
VAX/VMS Software: Information Management Handbook
VAX/VMS Software: VMS System Software Handbook
VAX/VMS Technical Summary Version 4
VEDIT User's Manual

The index of links to the specific items above is, as always, here:

For the month of July 2018 I'm offering 10% off for new buyers, and 15% off
for past buyers.



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