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Tue Jul 17 19:03:39 CDT 2018

On Tue, 17 Jul 2018, Eric Smith via cctalk wrote:
> more history of it than you probably wanted:

I think that it is worth adding in the amusing anecdote of the name 

Alan Shugart as "Shugart Associates" changed 8" drives to what became the
industry standard form.  And then created the SA400 5.25" drive.

There is some dispute over the creation of 5.25".  One story goes that 
Adkisson (of Shugart Associates) was talking with Wang, who wanted a 
smaller drive and diskette.  When asked what size did they want, Wang 
picked up the bar napkin.  That bar napkin became the model for the 5.25" 
diskette.    Massaro denies the story.

Shugart sold "Shugart Associates" to Xerox.

Later, Shugart formed "Shugart Technology", to develop small hard drives.
Xerox lawyers objected to the name, and Shugart had to change it to 
"Seagate Technology".
Which goes to show you, do not name your company after yourself, or 
selling the company could cost you your name.

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