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> Or maybe it's the need for fingerprint oils on the media!  3.5" keeps
> fingers away more than 5.25 or 8".  On the Lisa "Twiggy" diskettes, they
> made special provision to get more thumb prints.


Even if I never saw them, IKWYM.

I am slowly staggering towards having my ZX Spectrum machines up and
running again -- and I hope my QL, too. They both have 5¼" drives.
When I kitted out my Spectrum with an MGT DISCiPLE and a single DS/DD
80t drive, circa 1986 or so, 5¼" drives were ~½ the price of 3½" ones,
and the media were much less -- maybe 1/10th of the price.

Due to acute media shortage, if my old disks can still be read, now
I'm looking at moving over to 3½" drives and media.

I do have a µSD card interface too, but it doesn't feel the same...

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