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Mon Jul 16 17:17:17 CDT 2018

On Mon, 16 Jul 2018, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
> The problem with 3.5" floppies for me was the declining quality of the
> media as manufacturers raced toward the bottom pricing point.
> IIRC that initially, a box of 10 3.5" DSHD floppies was about $50--at
> least that's what I paid for a box of Fujis back then.  None from that
> original box have survived.  Initially, 3.5" DSED cost about the same.
> On the other hand, I still have some of my 8" floppies from the 1970s
> that are quite readable today.

In addition to the race to the bottom declining quality, the reliability 
may also have been slightly affected by
change in linear density (physical length of track),
48tpi V 135tpi,
reduced write current (with 300 Oersted V 600 V 750)

Or maybe it's the need for fingerprint oils on the media!  3.5" keeps 
fingers away more than 5.25 or 8".  On the Lisa "Twiggy" diskettes, they 
made special provision to get more thumb prints.
If it were only still in the public consciousness, I can imagine CSI 
dialog, "They cleaned up the crime scene, but I know one place where we 
can get a thumbprint of the computer operator!"

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