GoTEK SFR1M44-U100...

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2.88 might be pushing the ability of a 72MHz processor. Also things like buffer size become an issue. For the Gotek, it is somewhat limited. One of the newer processors like the STM32F407, it might be possible. The Gotek uses an older generation processor that has limited resources. Also, the way the code is currently written, hard sectored is hard to do. Different encodings are not a big an issue as it uses transition timing and doesn't care how the data looks.


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> > There are many more forgotten floppy formats than most realize--for
> > example, the Drivetec/Kodak 5.25" 2.8MB and 6MB formats.
> Wow.
> I had no idea that there was a 5¼" disk that held more than 1.2 MB.
> So much history that I'm sure is being lost to time.

Not sure the IBM 2.44/2.88 format has been forgotten, but I would like to see a GoTek emulator for it..

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