Looking for Tektronix 4052 R12 Graphics Enhancement ROM Pack and Tektronix 4014 demo files

Monty McGraw mmcgraw74 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 14:49:43 CDT 2018

I have been recovering dozens of old Tektronix 4050 series tapes and found
one with Fast Graphics software for the 4051.  This software program jumped
into 6800 assembly code and retrieved three bytes per vector from a tape
file.  Apparently this tape is a duplicate - and it appears that all the
files bigger than 1KB have corrupt data.

Apparently from the 4014 programmers guide - they had a set of demo picture
files including a list with R2-D2.

I have found Jos Dreesen's ftp tar file with some 4014 pictures - but I'm
looking for an R2-D2 picture file that is on the tape I have but corrupt.

I also discovered that Tektronix made a 4052/4054 R12 Graphics Enhancement
ROM pack which included the Fast Graphics program in ROM.  I would love to
find one of those ROM packs - hint/hint :)

I did recover one of the shorter picture files of Snoopy - but since I
don't have a 4051, I can't run the Fast Graphics program on my 4052 or
4054.  One of my buddies threw a C program together to convert the data
file into Tek 4050 PRINT statements.

I've posted the SNOOPY basic program and screenshots of running it on vcfed
in a new thread:

I'm also still looking for a 4051/4052 Display Board.  Mike Haas posted
pictures here in Oct 2016 of lots of Tektronix boards including a Display
Board - but I don't have any direct contact info for him.


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