GoTEK SFR1M44-U100...

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Sat Jul 14 20:57:49 CDT 2018

I understand that HxC has a hard sectored working on the Gotek for H89/H8. They are having issues with the timing restrictions for N* hard sectored.

I've thought some about modifying a Gotek to use on my Nicolet but after some thought, realized it would be much easier to use something like an arduino directly on the I/O bus and bypass the complication of sector pulses at the same time as data was being transferred.

It uses 32 hard sectored disk and writes continuous data over 16 sectors. It looks like it can be done but it is so much simpler to just send 20 bits as parallel data, as one word, rather then sending FM a bit at a time.


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> Stringy Floppy is best forgotten.

Along with TI wafertape and similar nonsense.

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