GCC for pdp11

David Bridgham dab at froghouse.org
Sat Jul 14 08:46:15 CDT 2018

Hey, glad to hear of some improvement on GCC for the PDP-11.  Last
spring I ended up side-tracked on the QSIC project and working more on
FPGA issues than writing PDP-11 code but that's going to change here at
some point.  I still want to put a soft PDP-11 into the FPGA as an I/O
controller and will need to be writing code for it.

For the moment, I'm off at my summer job in Alaska but when I get home
this fall, it's back to working away on the QSIC and maybe my PDP-10
project where I'm thinking I may also use a soft PDP-11 as an I/O
processor.  Anyway, I'll grab up the new GCC and see if my issues with
the 'volatile' keyword are still there.


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