Anyone have a HALstation 300 install CD?

Al Kossow aek at
Wed Jul 11 15:05:23 CDT 2018

that would be great. I've not been able to get Jason's images to boot

I also got a Sparcstation 5 running Solaris 2.6 and have had no luck getting it to recognize the HAL boot drives.

Their is something odd about the drives, I've only been able to image one of the boot drives on a Linux machine
even though they boot fine.

On 7/11/18 11:12 AM, dwight wrote:
> Hi Al
>  I have a line on a CD and may be find some documents to go with it. A friend has this and I hope to get a copy next
> week on Tues or Wed. Are you going to be at the Museum next week. I don't know where you office is on the East bay side.
> It might be closer.
> Dwight
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> cool, thanks!
> I don't currently have a Solaris box set up or I would have edited
> the password file, after dealing with finding an 80 to 50 pin adapter
> for the drive.
> On 7/9/18 1:31 PM, Jason T via cctalk wrote:
>> Al - I made ISOs of the media I had before giving away my HALstations
>> in 2009.  I will email you directly with a link.

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