A New Batch of Items in Sellam's Virtual Warehouse

Sellam Ismail sellam.ismail at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 21:08:33 CDT 2018

Hello Everybody!

I hope you're enjoying your summer.  I have added more items to my online
Virtual Warehouse, as follows:

Atari XF551 external 5.25" floppy disk drive
Atari 410 Program Recorder
Atari 410-P Program Recorder
Data Pacific TR-1 Translator One
Blue Chip BCD/5.25 floppy drive
Panasonic KX-P412 AppleTalk Interface Board
Pacific Bell [Cidco DETI] eMessage e-mail terminal
Gandalf Data XpressConnect 5242i ISDN router
Monster Cable MacCable LocalTalk Connector
Telephone Talk PhoneNet adaptor
Sinclair ZX81
Timex-Sinclair 1000
Sinclair 16K RAM
Timex-Sinclair 1016
Timex-Sinclair Command Stick
Byte-Back Co. Modem
Sinclair power supply
Timex-Sinclair 2020 AC Adaptor
Macintosh Performa 475
Macintosh 12" RGB Display
Farallon MacRecorder Sound System
Nuvotech TurboNet ST
Macintosh Performa 475
Votrax International PC Dial/Log
MediaVision Pro Movie Spectrum Video Capture and Display System
Radeon 9700 Atlantis Pro
Microsoft SideWinder 3D Pro
Mouse Systems PenMate
Lotus Information Network FM Receiver
IntelliTools IntelliKeys touch tablet keyboard
Tandy CCR-82 Cassette Recorder
Micropolis 1022-1 floppy disk drive
Micropolis 1042 I floppy disk drive
Micropolis 1043 II floppy disk drive
Lexisoft, Inc. Spellbinder and Electric Webster
Micropolis 1040/1050 S-100 Floppy Disk Subsystems User's Manual
Micropolis Maintenance Manual Floppy Disk Subsystem
Colorado Memory Systems QIC-02
Everex Systems Inc. EV-940 modem
Hayes SmartModem 1200B
Hayes JT Fax 9600B modem
Hayes B0014800-A modem
Practical Peripherals PM2400
Adaptec AHA-1510A SCSI Adapter
Future Domain Corp TMC-850IBM
Video Seven VEGA Enhanced Graphics Adaptor
Ven-Tel MD212-3E modem
Racal-Vadic VI1222 modem
Racal-Vadic VA3467 modem

The index of links to the specific items above is, as always, here:


Check the News and FAQ tabs for news and information.  Right now I'm
offering 10% off for the month of July from new buyers ONLY!  But for past
buyers, you get 15% off! ;)



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