Making a bootable LIF CD for the 9000/382

Cameron Kaiser spectre at
Sat Jul 7 10:56:42 CDT 2018

> > No, I fixed the capstan, and I'm using brand new IOTAMAT tapes still in
> > the original shrink wrap, but only one drive will even certify tapes and
> > none of them will write them.
> 3M 600HC?

Yes, that's them.

> I saw the same thing on brand new ones of those. The only tape I've ever
> gotten to mount was a 16track HP labeled tape with ME10 on it.

Then I don't feel so bad (I couldn't for the life of me imagine what I'd
done wrong restoring it -- I cleaned the heads perfectly, and replaced the
capstan and checked the optical sensor and the whole deal), but I'm still
screwed since I don't have a way of backing up or booting this machine if
the disk dies. Fortunately it's one of the tanklike HP 6000s (670H).

I'll see if Stan's tape drive does any better, though I'd really like some
way to boot a CD on it. I know there are CS/80 CD-ROMs but they only seem
to come up for $CRAZY.

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