Making a bootable LIF CD for the 9000/382

Rico Pajarola rp at
Fri Jul 6 18:53:53 CDT 2018

Not what you asked for, but I successfully used HPDrive to emulate HP-IB
devices (disk and tapes). I never had any luck with physical tape drives.

I've only ever seen HP-UX 5.1 on floppies. To install something more
modern, it would be much easier to boot it over the network.

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> This brings up an interesting question. For those of us with a 9000/300 but
> no SCSI (my 350 is strictly HP-IB), I've still had no joy ever getting a
> 9144A to work. I'm going to get another tape drive from Stan when I can get
> a chance to pick it up, but has anyone booted one of these off floppy?
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