MSV11-J engineering info

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Fri Jul 6 08:07:26 CDT 2018

    > From: Tor Arntsen

    > So, here's how to see the updated page while not logged in:

Thanks for posting the 'fix'; the problem, and that workaround, are described
on the 'News' sidebar on the Main Page, but of course people going straight
to a URL won't see that - and since I'm always logged in, I often forget that
un-logged in visitors have this issue.

Maybe I should try and edit the CSS or something to include a note with
every page? (Any pointers on how to do that gratefully accepted! :-)

    > Hopefully Tore S. or someone can figure out what's wrong with this
    > Mediawiki version.

Alas, only Tore has the access needed to fix it (and the other current major


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