Making a bootable LIF CD for the 9000/382

Rico Pajarola rp at
Thu Jul 5 02:59:01 CDT 2018

You can use "bchunk" to convert 2352 to something you can dd on a disk (I
recommend scsi2sd if you don't want to burn physical CDs. The boot rom
happily boots from anything that has the right bits on it, but the
installer needs a lot of manual convincing to install from the wrong media
type. Not impossible, just tedious). I'm also pretty sure that it's not
necessary to keep the images as 2352 byte images, they still work when
converted to 2048 bytes.

I tried it on the images on
(calling them .iso is confusing, .bin would have been a more conventional
$ file hpux900_install.iso
hpux900_install.iso: data
$ bchunk hpux900_install.iso hpux900_install.cue /tmp/hpux900_install.iso
Reading the CUE file:

Track  1: MODE1/2352    01 00:00:00

Writing tracks:

 1: /tmp/hpux900_install.iso01.iso    7/7    MB  [********************] 100
$ file /tmp/hpux900_install.iso01.iso
/tmp/hpux900_install.iso01.iso: Unix Fast File system [v1] (big-endian),
last mounted on , last written at Tue Aug 25 18:41:39 1992, clean flag 23,
number of blocks 1500, number of data blocks 1451, number of cylinder
groups 1, block size 8192, fragment size 1024, minimum percentage of free
blocks 10, rotational delay 4ms, disk rotational speed 8rps, TIME

which looks as expected and is identical to the hpux9.lif file one folder

If that doesn't work I can provide you with the image I used to install

On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 1:50 AM, Al Kossow via cctalk <cctalk at>

> On 7/4/18 4:24 PM, Rico Pajarola wrote:
> > I'm assuming you are trying to use the newly added HP-UX images on
> bitsavers?
> No, this is for the 9mb inital boot cd.
> I was trying to remember if you had to do something like set it to 2048
> byte
> blocks. I remember I had created the .lif file for a reason. I know
> someone got
> it to work just by copying that .lif to a scsi hard disk.

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