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Mon Jul 2 18:00:19 CDT 2018

On 7/2/2018 5:43 PM, Fred Cisin via 
cctalk wrote:
>>>> The Moravian Galley in Brno has an 
>>>> exhibition on "Computer Art 1968".
>>>> The only actual computer is a very 
>>>> well-preserved German LGP-30. I
>>>> took a few photos of it 
>>>> yesterday... and got told off for 
>>>> handling the
>>>> paper tape,
>>> Asking people not to touch museum 
>>> exhibits makes sense to me.
> On Mon, 2 Jul 2018, js--- via cctalk 
> wrote:
>> Seriously!  Liam, don't you know that 
>> handling paper with your hands 
>> transfers oils to it and hastens its 
>> decay?  This is why gloves are worn 
>> to handle old paper artifacts.
> Seriously!  Don't they know that if it 
> is within reach, then the museum 
> attendees will reach over and handle?
> velvet ropes and glass cases <sigh>
> Muir Woods is now a TREE MUSEUM!, with 
> paved fenced walkways to keep people 
> from touching the ancient redwoods.  
> And they charge more than a dollar and 
> a half just to see 'em.
> How can you balance the hands-on 
> aspect that is so ESSENTIAL to the 
> experience?

Yes, but Liam is no ordinary museum 
attendee - he should have the experience
to know better  :-D   Fred, I guess the 
rarity and cost of restoration of
something determines whether it can be 
presented for hands-on experiences
or not, as well as taking into account 
what the goals of the particular
museum are.  Museums are not under any 
particular obligation to have
hands-on exhibits, as that option only 
raises their operating costs.
Museums are typically show & tell... not 
show, share, and tell.
Those who must have the full experience, 
buy their own examples.

- J.

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