Original PDP-11/10 [was: Re: Origin of 'Straight 8' name]

Paul Koning paulkoning at comcast.net
Fri Dec 21 15:07:22 CST 2018

> On Dec 21, 2018, at 3:06 PM, Bill Degnan via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:
>> My _guess_ is that that probably happened because there is no formal
>> 'model'
>> for that first one (unlike the first -11, which got re-named the -11/20
>> BITD), and people recently picked that to disambiguate them from all the
>> other -8's.
> The original PDP 11 was sold in two model options, although the numbers did
> not appear on the faceplace, very clearly the model options were called PDP
> 11/10 and PDP 11/20.  These are just as legitimate and well defined as the
> 11/05 vs. 11/10 (later version) that followed it except for the one fact of
> the front plate.  The fact that the name does not appear on the front panel
> has caused every DEC historian to miss this factoid.  Read the first
> brochure, don't take my word for it.
> http://vintagecomputer.net/browse_thread.cfm?id=593
> Momentum prevents change I get it, but it's clear that the model 11/20 and
> 11/10 existed from day one.  The problem is that DEC re-used the 11/10
> model name again a few years later, the other cause for neglecting the
> original 11/10 model.
> Bill


Did that V1 11/10 ever ship?  Do any still exist?

I'm curious about that 1 kW read-only memory.  What technology is that memory?  At that size and that date I suspect core rope, but that would be pretty expensive (due to the labor involved).


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