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Carlo Pisani carlojpisani at
Thu Dec 20 14:30:17 CST 2018

SGI made MIPS, ITANIUM, and X86 workstations, servers, and personal workstations
low price MIPS workstations: SGI INDY, SGI O2
The SGI Indigo2 was very very expensive, especially the "Purple Impact"

See on YouTube, there is an episode made by a dude called "LGR"

SGI also made Pentium3 workstations. These run WindowsNT.
Not so expensive, but not so cheap.

Il giorno gio 20 dic 2018 alle ore 21:26 Sam O'nella via cctalk
<cctalk at> ha scritto:
> >> SGI desktops made for home use,
> >
> > Whoah whoah whoah, what?
> >
> > SGI made home computers?!
> I don't know that I saw a reply to this but I'm guessing the reference is the SGI Indy? And maybe indigo could count as well for smaller systems that could fit on a desk instead of desk-side models.

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