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> I think PS/2s range from 286 - (very few) Pentium.  I don't /think/
> there were any 8086 / 8088 PS/2s, but I could be mistaken.

As "system_glitch" said, there were.

The original model 30 was an 8086, and not even a great one -- it
didn't have true VGA, for instance.

It was also available in a small-form-factor all-in-one case as the Model 25:

Easily mistaken for a PS/1. That got me a lot of abuse on Twitter recently.

Then there was the Model 30-286, a sort of mucked-about PC-AT.

And from our own Tezza:

They're sort of not "real" PS/2s because they have the AT bus, not
MicroChannel. I think the 30-286 could run OS/2 though.

The same case (or very nearly) was reused for the Model 55SX. I
actually have one of these.

It's a "true" PS/2 with MCA. I hope to get an old version of OS/2 2 or
3 going on mine some time.

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