Latest batch of goodies from Sellam's VWoCW plus 10% off!

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Fri Dec 14 21:53:49 CST 2018

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, folks!  And holiday greetings to the
rest of us celebrating Festivus!

It's time to treat yourself or your favorite nerd for the holidays, so as
my gift to you I'm offering 10% off anything with a listing date prior to
2018.  Check the "Date Added" column in the warehouse item
listings--anything listed in 2016-2017 is 10% off!.  If you're a previous
buyer (I know who you are) the 10% off applies to anything!

Here is the latest batch of listings:

Xerox 6085 "Daybreak" CPU
Xerox 6085 IOP Input-Output Processor (C4) board
Xerox ViewPoint 2.0 Software Installation
Xerox ViewPoint 2.0 Documentation Set (Volumes 1-6)
Xerox Desktop Publishing Series: Ventura Publisher Edition manuals
Xerox Telecopier 7032/7033 Facsimile Terminal User Handbook
Connect Computer Z183-2 WonUnder II
Western Digital VGA Plus C
Future Domain Corp TMC-830
Iomega PC2B SCSI Controller
Iomega PC2B50F SCSI Controller
Orchid ProDesigner VGA
Silicon Graphics O2 Workstation
IBM Type 7208-001 External 2.3GB 8mm Tape Drive
BM BM-401 486 CPU Breakout Adaptor
Compaq DeskPro DSM Monitor
HP 2641A/2645A/2645S Display Station Reference Manual
HP 2647A Graphics Terminal Manual Set
HP 13290A/2649A Data Terminal Reference Manual
Advanced Gravis Ultra Sound (boxed)
Universal Data Systems 212 LP Modem (boxed)

You can get to the Virtual Warehouse of Computing Wonders main index to
find links to these and many others items here:

As always, please contact me directly by e-mail via <sellam.ismail at>
to make an order or an offer.



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