I hadn't made the connection before

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Fri Jun 2 11:13:13 CDT 2017

> I was looking at an old GI catalog and casually noting the CP1610 that was
> most of a PDP11 processor. I did some more web surfing and noticed that the
> Intellivision game machine used this chip. It just never dawned on me that
> they used this processor.
> I see that one could even get a keyboard for these.

The (ridiculous) story of the Keyboard Component was legendary. The ECS
keyboard variant can barely be considered functional even by the standards
of the time, though I guess it at least looks decent compared to an Aquarius
and the second sound chip was nice. It was designed to be cheap and get the
FTC off Mattel's back and that's all it did.

I say this as a kid whose first video game system was, in fact, an Inty.

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