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> I  wonder if there is a PANTONE  color  chat assignment  that  DEC
> ever listed?  That would allow  you to nail it dead  on.

Of course it would, but the DEC STD 092 available is not specified  in 
If a later version of the standard used PANTONE then it would  be done
because PANTONE is the defacto reference today.
When did PANTONE  become a standard? I saw the following... but that  may 
have been a date  for  ink  maybe not paint? 
Pantone,  as it is today, was founded in 1962, when the company—at the time 
a small  business which manufactured colour cards for cosmetics companies—
was bought by  Lawrence Herbert, who had been an employee since 1956. He 
immediately changed  its direction, developing the first colour matching system 
in 1963. Herbert  remains the CEO, Chairman, and President of the company.
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