Banner Panels

steven at steven at
Fri Dec 30 04:54:35 CST 2016

Pontus said:
> 2. Rack type, the earlier shorter racks had metal headers without
>    rounded corners (see PDP-8/i). Lowboy racks have a slanted header
>    with deeper frame.
> 3. Intended market. Lab systems was green, industrial was blue/red. (The
>    PDP-12 was available in orange, blue and green)

Here's a photo of an interesting example of (I presume) #2 for a PDP-15 in a japanese
computer museum. Also note the unusual PDP-11/05 masthead arranged as 'PDP11-05' with
a unichannel 15, and also one of those nice blinkenlights panels Noel has documented:


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