Transporting an LGP-30

Wed Dec 28 12:13:20 CST 2016

Indeed the opportunity of a lifetime!
Safe travels! Cory!
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>> On Fri, 23 Dec  2016, Cory Heisterkamp wrote:
>>> I recently became  the owner of an LGP-30, supposedly in 'working'
>>> condition.  However, the machine is roughly 2000 miles from me and will 
>>> to be transported by freight. Before it's palletized, are  there any 
>>> precautions I should take to ensure its safe  travel. I'm especially 
>>> about the drum (drum lock?),  but haven't been able to find a 
maintenance or
>>> setup  doc.
>>> Anyone out there with experience or can  offer a few pointers?
>> - Remove all  tube modules and pack them in boxes (with good padding)
>> - Remove  the drum and stuff/pack it separately (remove the belt going to
>>  the small motor below the drum and unscrew the drum assembly from the  
>> - Remove all side panels and the cover; there's nothing  more annoying 
>> dented panels caused by fixating the frame to  the panel and/or truck.
>> Do you get software and  manuals with your machine?
>> Christian
>> PS: Just found the auction... you paid *WHAT*??? Wow... for a  machine 
in a
>> quite battered shape. What idiot put the heavy  Flexowriter on the 
>> top?? Where's the cable connecting the  Flexowriter to the computer? Oh, 
>> it works without a power  cable... Sorry, I had to make those comments 
>> Good luck and  enjoy playing with your new computer :-)
> aw come on :-)  This is a one of a kind thing.  There is a  value in 
> you have a project that will keep you busy, assuming  you enjoy this kind 
> thing, for a long time.  On the other end  will be a lot of new knowledge.
> I have manuals for this  machine, they're out there. I have a neat 
> manual that was  used by LGP to train new users.  They really looked at 
> thing  to be a personal computer.  This was some may claim by some
>  definition the *first* personal computer.
> Bill

Guys,  thanks for all the feedback. A challenge? Absolutely. But this is 
likely as  close as I'll ever come to having a first generation machine, 
something  unfathomable to me as a kid.

Apologies for the radio-silence, we've put  1200+ miles under our belts 
since Monday morning. Today we cross into Alberta.  Will keep you all posted on 
how it  goes.


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