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Mon Dec 26 15:14:50 CST 2016

On Mon, Dec 26, 2016 at 9:07 PM, Paul Koning <paulkoning at> wrote:
>> On Dec 26, 2016, at 4:03 PM, Tony Duell <ard.p850ug1 at> wrote:
>>> ...
>> I hadn't realised that they were printed on aluminium. Ouch!. I also
>> don't know how they are fixed to the plastic header panel, my plastic
>> panel is 'empty' and I don't see any adhesive residue. Maybe some
>> kind of double-sided tape?
> No, the aluminum is adhesive-backed (with a rather potent adhesive).
> It's similar to what you see in serial number plates on machinery.  I
> have somewhere a PDP-11 banner plate by itself, with the wax paper
> backing covering the adhesive still in place.  If your plastic bracket is
> clean looking, it may never have had the panel stuck to it in the first
> place.

Odd...The chap who gave me the rack removed the panel (and the fan,
and the stabiliser feet) for transport and gave me a box with them in. He
commented that as I was putting a PDP8e in it, I'd probably not want the
banner that was there (I am pretty sure that the original contents of this
H960 was some kind of PDP11 system).

Anyway, spend the day cleaning dust off parts, stripping the fan and power
controller, etc. I did not notice any adhesive residue on the plastic header
panel. And I think I would have done.

So perhaps the header was blank, or the banner just pushed in (perhaps
somebody forgot to remove the backing paper...).


>         paul

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