The Dick Smith System 80, as sold to New Zealanders

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Over  this Xmas break I've grabbed some time to add a few bits and pieces to
my  Dick Smith System 80 website. Some on the list might find this  stuff
interesting, hence the post.

For those who might not know,  Dick Smith was a colourful Australian
entrepreneur (and helicopter pilot),  who pioneered a chain of electronic
shops. These shops were like the Radio  Shack of Australia.  The first of
these shops opened in New Zealand in  1981 (or 1982?).

Here are selected pages from the first Dick Smith  catalog advertising the
System 80 and accessories to us New  Zealanders.  The prices are
eyewatering.  Sales tax on overseas  goods was very high. I think one NZ
dollar was worth about 50 US cents at  that time, maybe even lower.
Nevertheless I bought a System 80 as  advertised!  My wife nearly killed me,
as we were saving up to buy a  house (opps!).

Anyway, the PDF is  here:

If  you want to see everything I've added, check out the top three entries
in  this  list:

Tez -  The  thing that catches my eye is the S-100 expander so  you can use 
s-100  i/o devices!

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