PDP-6s at MIT

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Thu Dec 22 14:01:47 CST 2016

    > AI memo 238: ITS Status Report, April 1972:
    >> Actually the Project MAC Dynamic Modelling Group uses a non-paged
    >> early offshoot of ITS on their PDP-10.

    > So it seems DM kept using the non-paged version of ITS, probably like
    > what their PDP-6 did.

No, their KA10 had a paging box, made by System Concepts - probably
programmatically similar to the ones on the other two KA's (looking at the ITS
source would probably verify that).

Note that in addition to the paging box, there were moderately extensive mods
to the KA10 itself (on all three machines) to add a variety of instructions
(to do things like, IIRC, flush the paging entry cache). Did the original KA10
have XCT too? And then there were things like the MAR.

Now, how soon after their KA10 arrived it had the paging box, etc, added I
have no idea - it sounds like they ran it without paging for a while.


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