MINITS (was: PDP-6s at MIT)

Lars Brinkhoff lars at
Wed Dec 21 03:04:57 CST 2016

David Bridgham wrote:
> I thought I'd heard that the 10s were connected to the Chaosnet through
> 11s running MINITS.

It's rare to see references to MINITS, but it's not completely unknown
to the internet.

The MINITS source code is here:

I found en even more obscure PDP-11 operating system from MIT:

 "TRANTOR - A PDP11 Multi-user Operating System

  This is the Trantor Operating System, written for the M.I.T.
  Applied Mathematics Department by Eugene Ciccarelli, Earl Killian,
  and Charles Frankston. Maintained currently by Richard Lawhorn."

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