Felton, CA: Free kit - compact macs, //e, //c, etc

Steve Algernon salgernon at me.com
Wed Dec 21 06:58:16 CST 2016

So, I need to debulk my collection. A few years ago I took about 1/3 this much to the Foothill (now DeAnza, I guess) fleamarket and came away with $2k, which almost covered the cost of the storage locker it had been in!  What you do with it would be up to you. 

I've got about 15? 2x2x3 ish plastic totes full of cables, floppies, development tools (pascal, tmon) and there's an apple //e, several //c, se/30, classic, hard drives. LocalTalk connectors.  All fairly clean and non-smoking.  I think there's a mac rom emulator, an Apple // CFFA card, probably a puppy or two.  

Must take it all!  It's probably two pickups worth or one uhaul. My place is in downtown Felton, should be easy to park and load up although I'm physically limited in what I can do to help. Shipping is not an option unless you arrange a crating / hauling company. 

Please reply off list for best results. 


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