IBM XT 5160 Keyboard issues

Devin lyokoboy0 at
Sat Dec 17 23:14:58 CST 2016

I was happy to find a IBM XT for a good price at the scrapyard today in 
very nice condition. It is missing the hard drive, but i have plenty of 
those, the controller was still inside.

I had a little issue getting video working at first, i do not have a 9 
pin cga monitor laying around, thankfully i found a 16 bit isa card that 
also works in an 8 bit slot.

The machine starts up and runs its memory test, however it gives a 301 
error. System halts and says press f1 to continue, but no luck, keyboard 
is unresponsive. I have tried about 10 different keyboards on the 
machine, including some model M keyboards with a ps2 adapter with no luck.

A quick search does turn up that 301 is a keyboard related error, but i 
am not sure what exactly the issue is.

Am i doing something stupid here or am i looking at the possibility of 
something being wrong with the machine?


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