Rackmounting A Tu56

Robert Adamson bob at theadamsons.co.uk
Sat Dec 17 13:03:20 CST 2016

> Anyway, does anyone have experience of rack-mounting a TU56? It clearly
> doesn't go on slide rails, it bolts directly to the rack (hinge down
> the front
> panel for access). I have the manuals from Bitsavers, they imply there
> is some
> kind of spacer block that goes under the TU56. Does anyone know what
> that
> is exactly so  I can attempt to make one if it is needed.
> -tony

I mounted my TU56 in an H960 recently(ish). The block you mention only acts
as a support while you bolt the TU56 in and isn't needed afterwards. The
TU56 is too heavy to easily support with one hand while you put in a couple
of bolts - the manual advises separating the front panel and reassembli8ng
after mounting but that seems more bother than it's worth. I bolted a piece
of scrap across the H960 to hold the TU56 up while I put the bolts in.
5-minute job.

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