Rack-mounting a TU56

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Fri Dec 16 19:01:03 CST 2016

I had written....
> Being a stickler for authenticity, I was looking for that support bracket but never did find one.
> So... I wound up using one of those horizontal bars/plates that were 
> commonly (DEC provided) mounted above and below a stack of lead 
> counterweights, as it's mechanically almost identical and provides 
> exactly the same benefit in the same spot. I left it installed, in case I ever wanted to move the TU56.

To which Tony replied....
I am not sure what parts you are talking about here, or why.

I am talking about a fairly common dec part, that if you have it - can substitute for the support bracket that you are missing. It is the same dimensions, is threaded at the same spots... the only difference was the support bracket has some metal cutouts that the "alternate" part doesn't.

If you have a DEC rack (I know DEC did this in H967's and may have done it in H960's) that has lead counterweights in the back.... you will note that the plates bolted in the rack under the lead weights (and usually another plate on top of them just to make it look nice)....  that plate is basically identical to the TU-56 support bracket you are seeking and will work functionally - exactly like the support bracket.


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