Rack-mounting a TU56

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Onderwerp: RE: Rack-mounting a TU56

Ok I just double-checked my 8E racks, and it refreshed my memory.

The support bracket is not necessary. I believe that it provided no benefit after the TU56 was mounted... it was merely present in order to make it even possible for one person to bolt the tu56 to the uprights. It is a non-trivial amount of weight, so holding it in place while bolting it in is tenuous at the least and most likely impossible. The support bracket just provides a front edge to help hold it up during installation.

But given the weight, I'd not try it "just to see" ;) YMMV

That is my experience too.
But I did that mounting job in the rack back when I was 15 years
younger. Age does not help in this case.
It can be done by one person, but indeed – it is not non-trivial!

If you start with an empty rack, and the TU56 is the first device you
want to install in the rack, you can lay down the rack on the floor
and then “drop” the drive into the rack. Bolting it in place with the
4 screws at each side is “piece of cake”.
I used this “procedure” also to mount two RK05 drive in the top of an
H960 rack. Getting the rack upright with the two RK05’s was another
story … The more a rack is filled (in the lower part), the heavier tilting
and laying down will become, but it is possible.

  *   Henk, PA8PDP

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