Rack-mounting a TU56

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Fri Dec 16 13:12:45 CST 2016

Tony wrote...
> Anyway, does anyone have experience of rack-mounting a TU56? It 
> clearly doesn't go on slide rails, it bolts directly to the rack 
> (hinge down the front panel for access). I have the manuals from 
> Bitsavers, they imply there is some kind of spacer block that goes 
> under the TU56. Does anyone know what that is exactly so  I can 
> attempt to make one if it is needed.

Yes, I rackmounted a tu56 a few weeks ago. I also saw the docs mention that spacer, but I think it wasn't technically necessary based on where I was putting it. I will go look at that rack shortly and let you know today.

I can tell you - be careful about putting it all the way at the top. The front deck can't tilt downward if the upper edge doesn't have clearance.

Then again - anyone who has met me knows I'd never mount a peripheral requiring hands on that far up in a cabinet *grin*

Speaking of which - I'll put out a call again for if anyone wants to get a group purchase on the motor run caps for a TU55/56....


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