WTB 12/16MB RAM (MS42-BA/CA) for VAXstation 3100/30

Jacek Greniger jacek.greniger at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 05:14:19 CST 2016


Recently I acquired pretty nice VAXstation 3100/30. It has GPX graphics
card, two RZ23 disks (one dead, second cause short circuit but after
removing tantalium capacitor on +12V line looks to be working) and MS42-AB
4MB memory extension card. Installed NetBSD under SIMH and disk image will
be moved to physical drive when I will find one (100MB is not enough). But
the bigger problem for me is to find 12MB or 16MB memory extension for this
machine. So I'm looking for MS42-BA or better MS42-CA (16MB) card. Maybe
there is somebody who is willing to part with it. My location is Poland.

Best regards

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