ARPAnet maps

jim stephens jwsmail at
Tue Dec 13 18:59:09 CST 2016

A friend posted an interesting map of the network as it grew (his 
interest was the 1981 map) of Arpanet interconnects.  They range from 
the beginning to at least that map.  I can't share that one both because 
it's on Facebook, and because it was low quality having been bastardized 
by FB and I couldn't find it online.

There are a huge number indexed on google if you care to look.  Just put 
in "arpanet logical map" to get huge numbers of maps.  I don't know if 
anyone has made an index, but with the number there are it would be an 
interesting exercise to do a chronological and map graph index of the 

Anyway one map caught my eye, showing a "MICRO810" at UCSD.  I am hoping 
maybe it was a Microdata 810, but have no way of looking it up.  The box 
immediately above is B6700, so it may be doing some sort of front end 
for that system.  The node names were said to be IMP names on one of the 
maps I found, and one would hope that IMP's had all the frontend support 
to go to most mainframes.


January 1975 map on n.rieck account maybe?

image link if you can get it to work

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