IBM Server 7587

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Mon Dec 12 13:04:12 CST 2016

IBM has had a number of "industrial computer" models.

The IBM Server 7587 is a hardware platform designed for reliable 24 hour operation. It was often used in mid-1990s computer telephony interfaces (Pentium socket 7, up to 233 MHz).
Responding to the customer's need for a powerful, reliable ISA bus computer that is easy to panel/wall mount and easy to service, IBM developed the IBM 7587. 

It is a 5 slot ISA/PCI passive backplane, PICMG compliant computer powered by an IBM Single Board Computer. The 7587 has a large filtered cooling fan that keeps the internal components well under their operating limits, even in hot environments. With its shock mounted hard disk drive and adapter hold down bracket, the system can withstand the shock and vibration found in many harsh work environments. 

Programming interfaces are supported for watchdog timer and thermal monitoring functions on the SBC. The system can operate without disk, display or keyboard. It is quick to service, with all internal components easily accessible after removing the top cover. 

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