SGI Indigo Update

ethan at ethan at
Sun Dec 11 22:52:43 CST 2016

I started updating my blog with (hopefully useful) information.

I did a write up on the SGI Indigo so far and will update it with future 
findings. It's at

I made a list of all the tantulum SMD capacitors of the style of the one 
that fried. I think I figured out digikey part numbers for most (And 
published the sizes I measured of the caps.)

If the cap that fried belongs to the audio section, I was thinking maybe 
those components use negative PSU voltages (op-amps, DACs) so maybe the 
PSU is doing something funky. Finding a pinout for the Indigo PSU might 
take a little bit of work -- but since I have mine apart I should be able 
to document some of it.

So many projects!

Ethan O'Toole

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