Zenith Z160 Luggable PC aquired

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Sun Dec 11 17:03:18 CST 2016

> If it can run DOS 3.20, or depending on WHICH MS-DOS 2.11 is available, then 
> the 360K drives can be trivially swapped out for 720K.

Your picture shows "generic" MS-DOS 5.00

So, you absolutely can connect 720K drives.  (a 1.4M drive will prob'ly be 
seen as being 720K)

It definitely can handle a hard drive.  (trivial GOOGLE shows that a 20M 
drive was available, but ANY XT drive and controller should prob'ly 
be usable.
Your parallel port hard drive should be fine, once you make a SPARE system 
disk with enough extraneous stuff deleted off of it.

TRY to find a copy of ZENITH (NOT ANY OTHER BRAND!!) MS-DOS ("Z-DOS") 2.11 
or 3.31
If you want to be able to switch between the internal monitor and an 
external one, you will need MODE.COM from one of THOSE two versions.
(and you will need to stetp on the INT21h function call 30h in 
MODE.COM, OR MS-DOS 5.00 will need to run SETVER to keep from getting a 
"Wrong DOS version" error message)

If you are crazy enough to want to, you should be able to run Windows 3.00 
on it, but NOT 3.10 or above.   Windows, of course, will require more disk 
space than you currently have.

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